Aventura “Dile Al Amor”

I finally found the name of the song that I’ve heard so many times when I’ve gone out salsa dancing! I knew this song was a Bachata and I knew how to dance to it, but I didn’t know it’s name until it popped up on my reggaeton Pandora station. Even my roommate who isn’t a big latin music fan loves this song.

After I finally found out the name of the band, I read a little bit about them. It turns out that they are from New York and have Dominican descent. The are actually considered a Bachata-influenced “boy band”. No wonder I’m a fan. I was such a sucker for the Backstreet Boys and *NSync when I was in high school.

The song is about someone who’s not ready to fall in love, and has been hurt too many times to want to give it another try.

I love this line!

Pues dile al amor
que no toque mi puerta
que yo no estoy en casa
que no vuelva mañana

So tell love not to knock on my door, I’m not home, don’t come back tomorrow.

¡Una canción muy buena! A very good song!


One thought on “Aventura “Dile Al Amor”

  1. […] can understand the song lyrics  more easily than a lot of other styles. I suggest checking out “Dile El Amor” by Aventura which is a great song for listening, dancing or practicing […]

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