¡Calle 13 at the Latin Grammy Awards!

Last night was the Latin Grammy awards. As you can see from the picture above, the biggest winner of the night was Calle 13. I’ve been a fan of Calle 13 ever since I went to Chile and heard their music in 2006. In fact, I even posted a blog about one of Calle 13’s songs a few weeks ago. I’m not as familiar with their newer music, but I’m definitely going to have to catch up and see what won this impressive load of Grammys!

My friend Maritza watched the Grammy awards from start to finish, you can more about the show and the winners on Maritza’s post about the Latin Grammy Awards.


Listen to me on the radio!

In case you missed it last Thursday, here’s the recording of The Trash Talk Show with Barb Tobias where I was a featured guest last week.

I found this opportunity through a connection that I made on  LinkedIn 4 years ago. She is working with Barb and was looking for women who own small businesses who would want to give their tips on being thrifty. As soon as I saw that, I knew I was a good candidate. I’ve been in grad school for almost 3 years, and I’ve learned a few secrets about saving money!

So, I wound up being feature on the show. I wasn’t too nervous about being recorded and having people listen to me, because I worked at a radio station for awhile right after college. I was an intern for a Spanish language station and would sometimes prank call Spanish-speakers and pretend that I couldn’t speak English. That’s just a little more intense than chatting with a nice woman about shopping! 😉

During the show, I got to talk about Savvy Spanish for a few minutes. I also got to plug my audio program, Travel Savvy Spanish, which is going to be available very soon! After we finished my part, I talked to Barb about being thrifty and the ideas that I’ve used to save money for grad school and starting a business. The best part for me was that Barb was so supportive of me and complimented me various times on being smart with my money.

Who knew that my first job out of college at a radio station would come back around to find me almost 8 years later?