Tasting Spanish Tapas

¡Hola a todos! It’s been awhile since my last blog post, and I’ll tell you why. I recently started a new position as a student teacher at a Spanish immersion elementary school! I’m finishing up my Masters degree after almost 3 years of studying and I’m speaking Spanish all day every day. Most of the teachers at the school are from Spain or have spent time in Spain on a semester abroad or extended travel. Other than a weekend of partying in Barcelona, I haven’t spent much time in Spain at all, so I know I’ll be learning a lot about Spain during my four months of student teaching.

Español: Tapas en un establecimiento de Barcel...
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One of my first lessons about Spain came from happy hour after work on Friday. All of the teachers went straight to a tapas bar in Denver called Ondo’s. I had eaten tapas once or twice, but I didn’t really know much about them. I was feeling hungry and faced a spread that looked just like the one in the picture on the left. Yum!

There were plates of bread with different types of toppings that were held on by toothpicks. I learned that you just fill a plate with whatever you would like, and then they bill you at the end by counting the toothpicks. This place charge $2 per toothpick.

I made a little piggy of myself and had five toothpicks on my plate by the end of the night. I had toppings of pecans, cheese and jam; roasted red pepper, eggplant and cheese; tuna and shrimp (I ate 2 of those!); and potatoes with mayonnaise. ¡Delicioso! One of the teachers also ordered croquetas so I tried a fried ball of bechamel sauce with ham inside. (Pictured at the right.)

After this delicious tapas experience, I started wondering about what other types of tapas are available. Here are some references I found for more information.

El Mundo de las Tapas– There aren’t enough pictures on this site, but it gives a recipe for lots of different types of tapas. I put the link to the Spanish version of the site in this hyperlink so that you can practice your Spanish while learning about tapas. 😉

What is Tapas?– This article clarifies what types of food are considered tapas and what isn’t. You can also read about the myths surround tapas and the history of the tradition.

Top Spanish Tapas– This site is all in English and gives pictures of each dish as well as recipes.

Between bites of bread and sips of sangria, I also had a conversation with one of the teacher about the Camino de Santiago. Look for a blog post about this coming soon… adios!